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Our Rookie Season 2005-2006

In the fall of 2005 Team 1847 was formed. We became part of the US FIRST Robotics Competition. Thanks to a grant provided by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation we were able to fund our inaugural season. It was a small team, but we were determined. During the 6 week build season we worked and worked. We started by putting the frame of the robot together. We had a design we were working for. It was called Bazooka I. After hours of blood, sweat, and safety goggles we had a shooter. Unfortunately, Bazooka I could not fire long distance, was not consistent, did not shoot straight, and was exceedingly heavy. So it was back to the drawing board! A new plan and new material got us started on the beginning of what would, after many redesigns, be the final shooter. Next we had to figure out how to attach the shooter to the frame, and then it was how to hold and collect the poof balls, after that it was how to feed the balls from the holder to the shooter. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I learned a lot of new things about wiring, pneumatics, and design. It was frustrating at times but all worth it when we finally put the last screw in the crate and watched the FED EX man drive off with it. The regional competition in Denver , Colorado was exciting. I got to meet new people and discover what other teams had built. To be continued...